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Welcome To Reaper Access

This is a site dedicated to helping you take advantage of Reaper via the keyboard, without having to reach for that pest, the mouse (or track pad) as often, or even ever. So whether you are visually Impaired or just looking for a faster workflow, we’ve got you covered here.

The Method To This Reaper Madness

What? Using Reaper solely from the keyboard? How is this possible you ask? If you know anything about Reaper, you know it’s highly customizable. Lots of people have custom themes, screen sets or even, re-arranged the “File”, “Edit” and other menus to better suit their needs. In our case however, it’s centered around the KeyMap. Every action you perform in reaper, whether it be by right clicking, clicking and dragging, or etc. can have HotKeys,or Midi controllers mapped to control them. Here we have a ready built KeyMap, with assigned HotKeys to things that would normally require you to take your hands off the keyboard. And the Best part; this is all without overwriting any of the default Reaper HotKeys, So you can still follow along with any manual, guides or tutorials that may refer to them.

Get Sowing, So You Can Start Reaping

The seeds to sow for happy keyboard reaping is just a few. First of course, you will need to grab the latest copy of Reaper, (If you don’t have it already). An installed copy of the SWS Extensions and the Keyboard Ninja KeyMap file or the ReaperAccess Plug-In should round out the trick.
The ReaperAccess Plug-In (OS X only) which already includes the KeyboardNinja KeyMap file is for blind users and provides some additional spoken feedback. Still a little confused? The Getting started page will get you up to speed on what all this means and how to get going. Also the Quick Start Tutorials have some info to help with your first venture into mouse free Reaping. Oh, and the HotKey list has all the Button mashing combinations in a handy table for quick reference. Please consider subscribing to the as well as it will be the place updated with tips, tricks, tutorials and other Audio Related Goodness.

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